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We try very hard to answer all phone calls promptly.  If we are in the middle of another project, we ask you to leave a voice mail with your phone number.  We try to return all calls within 24 hours.  If you can let us know when the best time to reach you is- that always helps.  Our team is in the field working every day, often returning phone calls in the evenings for new estimates and projects.

If you only want a simple job done, we'll schedule a time for a handyman to come and do the work. You'll be charged for the time that the craftsman is there and for any materials that are needed to complete the work.

In many cases, we'll be able to give you an idea of the cost of the work over the telephone. The price will usually include the cost of materials. if you prefer us to do the work with materials that you already have, we're happy to oblige. Obviously, if we give an estimated cost without visiting the property, the price is just that - estimated.

If you are happy with that indication of the cost, we'll schedule a handyman to carry out the repairs/alterations and we'll confirm the time and date of the visit and the address of the property. 

Once he's on-site and before he begins work, ask him to confirm the estimated cost once he's able to see what needs doing. If there is an unacceptable difference between the original estimated cost and the craftsman's appraisal, you are not committed to having the work done. We want you to be completely happy that we have quoted a fair price for the work in hand. If you don't think that's the case, the craftsman will leave before starting work and without any charge being made.

 Test our craftsmen

Often it will not be possible to determine a cost during a telephone call with any true accuracy so we suggest one of two courses of action. 

When you have a number of fairly small jobs to do we recommend that you book a craftsman for our minimum of one hour. He'll do what he can in that hour, then assess the cost of doing the rest of the work. In this way, you'll be able to see first hand one of our craftsman at work before making a commitment for any more or larger jobs.

 Quotations And Estimates

Clearly you can't have a craftsman in for just an hour if you just want a laminate floor layed or a whole bathroom retiling. In this case, we recommend booking an appointment for an estimate. Once the estimator has seen your project, He'll calculate a total cost for the work, confirm the price in writing and telephone you with the price at the same time. 

We will either provide a quote or an estimate for the work. If the task is straightforward we'll be able to provide a fixed price - a quote - for doing the work. However, there are occasions were we won't know how long it's going to take until we've actually begun the work. 

If, for example, you want a bathroom wall in an old property retiled, the estimate may indicate a cost for removal of the old tiles and replacement with new tiles. However, once the tiles have been removed, we may discover that the plaster also needs replacing. In this case you will be given a revised estimate on site before any further work is done. 

Normally we can book the work in within fourteen days of acceptance of the quotation or estimate.

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