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Frequently Asked Questions


Are your craftsmen vetted?
All of our craftsmen are employees of Handyman Services. We prefer to use craftsmen that we know and trust rather than rely on subcontractors. In order to provide the high level of service that Handyman Services offers we commit to employing all our Handymen. In that way we find that the craftsmen are committed to Handyman Services. Before we employ them, all craftsmen have to be able to demonstrate several years experience in their trade. We utilize a team of professionals for their special skills and to add muscle when needed to complete your project in a timely manner.

Do you provide quotes or estimates or charge by the hour?
All three.

Hourly Rate: If the job is small and relatively straightforward, we'll use our judgment during your initial call to assess how long the work will take and schedule a visit from a craftsman based on that assessment. However, due to the variables experienced when dealing with home repairs and the difficulty in assessing the work on the phone, the task may take longer (or shorter) than estimated (e.g. We recently estimated the cost of replacing a standard light fitting with a more ornate one. When the handyman exposed the wiring, he discovered that it was old and dangerous so wasn't acceptable by today's standards. He needed to do a small amount of rewiring before the new light could be fitted). These visits are charged by the hour. The charge will also include any materials that are required plus carriage (charged at the hourly rate) for any materials that need too be collected.

Booking a handyman in for an hour is a great way of testing our craftsman's reliability, attitude and skill without having to make a larger financial commitment.

Quotation: Clearly you can't have a craftsman in for just an hour if, you just want a laminate floor laying or a whole bathroom retiling. In this case, we recommend booking an appointment with us for an estimate. We'll calculate a total cost for the work, confirm the price in writing and telephone you with the price at the same time.

If the task is straightforward we'll be able to provide a fixed price - a quote - for doing the work. However, there are occasions were we won't know how long it's going to take until we've actually begun the work.

Estimate: If, for example, you want a bathroom wall in an old property retiled, the estimate may indicate a cost for removal of the old tiles and replacement with new tiles. However, once the tiles have been removed, we may discover that the plaster also needs replacing. In this case you will be given a revised estimate on site before any further work is done.

What is your hourly rate?
Varies according to the type of the work required. Please call us to discuss your requirements. If the work is charged on an hourly rate, we charge in increments of fifteen minutes.

Who provides the materials
The choice is yours. If you'd rather buy your own materials, that's O.K. with us. We'll give you a "labor only" price. However, most of our clients would rather that we quoted "all in". Please note though that we won't buy decorative materials such as tiles or wallpaper. For that, after all is a personal choice/decision there are so many different styles and such a wide price range that it's impossible to provide an accurate quote. For example, if we are asked to quote for tiling a bathroom, the quote will include the cost of the labor to prepare the walls then tile them and for all the basic materials - spacers, adhesive and grout - but not for the tiles themselves. If you want to pick out your materials and give us the information, we can pick it up for you or include it from places like Home Depot, Menards or Lowe’s.

I'd like to use your service. What do I do?
Call us and let us know what you want done. We deal with each job individually and may be able to give you an idea of the cost over the phone, but in order to give you an accurate cost we will probably need to visit you. Most visits are done in the evening so that you don't have to take time off work. However, on many occasions, especially on the smaller jobs, we will carry out the work on an hourly rate so you'll be able to book a convenient time for our craftsman to call when you make your initial enquiry.

What happens if I'm not happy with the work?
In this unlikely event, we'll re-visit your property to examine the work. If it hasn't been completed to the high standard we expect, we'll put it right free of charge.

What happens if the craftsman damages my property?
Don't forget, we only use thoroughly vetted craftsmen with a professional attitude to their work. However, if this does happen, you're fully covered under our insurance scheme.

How soon can you do the work?
Usually within two weeks.

What kind of work to you undertake?
Usually the smaller annoying jobs you don't get around to doing yourself e.g. small carpentry jobs, plastering, painting and decorating, rewiring electrical fittings including moving lights and power points etc. However, if you'd like your entire house painting, or a new kitchen or bathroom fitting, we can still accommodate you.

Can you do major building work for me?
No. "But we know a man who can!". We work closely with many of the larger contractors in the area. Let us know what you want doing and we'll pass your contact details to a company that we know will look after you.

I need lots of quite different jobs doing. How many craftsmen will you send?
All of our handymen are skilled in more than one trade. However, if they're not able to do all you want, we'll allocate another craftsman as well to finish your projects.


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